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I'm Nicola Thomson, founder of BEAR FRUIT professional coaching. I am a qualified coach and member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

I started coaching professionally in 2019. I coach because helping others makes me happy and it aligns with what I value.  I coach because I am passionate about helping more people to feel the benefits of this slightly mysterious profession.

I coach because it provides a space for people to be heard, to re-assess, to be creative and to focus on themselves and this can lead to a level of awareness that can be life-changing.

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My Story

A little about me

I live in the Peak District with my partner and our dog. I love nothing more than spending time in nature; walking, gardening and relaxing. I love music, animals and spending time with a small number of like minded friends. I enjoy pilates, meditating and reading, but I'm fascinated about learning about how our minds work and how our personality, state of mind, beliefs and values affect how we think. It was this fascination that led to me qualify as a coach and start training to be a counsellor.

My Professional Background
I have over 20yrs business experience, managing people, leading change and growth programmes. I have worked in more than 10 countries; as part of international project teams, as a manager and leader. I have experienced working in family run businesses and global organisations with a broad spectrum of functional disciplines. I understand the fundamentals of business, finance and operations and bring 10+ years of strategic business planning expertise and leadership to working with my corporate coaching clients.

The Story of my business

In late 2019 I decided to leave my career behind to follow my new passion to better understand people, minds and to play a role in the creation of more compassionate organisational cultures. I took some time out to define what my new career would look like, this would prove to be the most enlightening time of my life.

Using coaching techniques, tools and the support of some wonderful coaches (now friends); I began to define what I value, examine my beliefs, skills and strengths. I reflected on the highs and lows of my career and life to date and determined who I was when operating at my best. This led to a deeper understanding of what I needed to find balance and happiness in my life.


I learnt that my natural skills of empathy, intuition and a curious nature align really well with being a coach. I also recognised a need in me to go further to help people struggling with mental health and wellbeing and in February 2020 I began to train as a counsellor a journey that will come to fruition in 2023.

I have discovered a passion for sharing my skills of empathy and understanding of how our minds work with others, so I integrate this into my work as a coach so that others can feel the freedom that I have gained from what I now understand. 

I am certain that my journey is not complete, but I am happy as long as I can continue to create the space for others to be the change they seek in their lives.



I now run Bear Fruit and I work with a network of like-minded independent coaches.


We value …   Authenticity, wisdom, love and connection

We are…        Professional, warm,  insightful and effective

What makes us special… we are highly intuitive, skilled coaches with additional training in counselling, mental health or wellbeing. 



It is yielding positive results. 


It is also the outward actions that result from the inward condition of a person’s heart and mind.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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